Busch Gardens Veterinarians Assist in Red Fox Case

Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife works very closely with several local vets to make sure all of our animals receive the care and treatment they need. This past week we took in a juvenile red fox who appeared to have a broken femur. We quickly contacted the vets  at Busch Gardens Tampa who occasionally help us with our bird of prey, crane and heron cases and asked if they would be able to help out. They agreed and she immediately went in for x-rays and treatment.

Her x-rays did show a severe but treatable break in her back right leg. Busch Gardens Vets prepped and took her directly into surgery to place a rod in her leg so that she may begin the healing process. She is currently staying with the animal care staff at Busch Gardens so that she can be closely monitored during the initial healing process. She has also been featured on their blog and the link is listed below.

Busch Gardens Tampa- What Does the Fox Say?

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