Squirrelly Saturdays Week Three

Almost all is good in the squirrel world this week. The babies we have all been watching are doing great. No one had opened their eyes yet but some of them should be very soon. Everyone is about to get shifted up to a larger enclosure because they are growing up so fast.



The one reason why it wasn’t a perfect week is we did suffer our first loss of a squirrel baby this year. Thursday morning we had a very weak little boy come in who was found cold and alone. We took him in and did our absolute best to comfort him and hopefully pull through. Unfortunately, he was extremely dehydrated, emaciated and sick and we were unable to save him. Sometimes it is very difficult for us to admit and accept that we are not miracle workers and that it is impossible for us to save every life but this does not stop us. We have to remind ourselves that we can not change what has happened to the animals before we receive them but we can provide them with the best chance of survival once they arrive.

0723151542eAs for a few of our other mammals we released numerous opossums this week and our red-fox has been moved to an outdoor enclosure so she can begin to acclimate to the weather and prepare for her upcoming release!

Taking care of all these babies is a rewarding responsibility but it is also a costly one. On average it costs us approximately $150 to raise a dray of three squirrels which covers their specialized formulas, feeding accessories such as, sterile oral syringes and nipples, solid foods (both fresh & dried), hygiene & housekeeping products and a nesting box to help them safely and easily adapt to life in the wild. If you love watching our babies grow we encourage you to consider making a donation to help cover the costs of their care and many of the other babies we are currently raising.

If you happen to find an wildlife in trouble please make sure you report it to a licensed rescue facility like Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife so that it can receive the care and treatment it needs. We also ask that you consider making a donation to Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife so that we may continue our work which includes the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife in the Tampa Bay Area.

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And remember to follow our blog to receive updates on these cuties and see what else is going on in our nest!

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