Bald Eagle Rescue

While most of America has been focused their turkeys, which happened to be Benjamin Franklin’s choice for our national emblem, we here at Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife have been focusing on a bald eagle. On the evening of November 16th we received a call from a golf course in the Odessa area. They had noticed a bald eagle who had spent the day on the green. Even when golfers approached him he choose to run rather then fly. This was a red flag! We immediately dispatched a team to the golf course to check it out. The small male gave the first volunteer on the scene a run for her money as he did not want to be friends. However, he was quite weak from being grounded and unable to hunt so he didn’t last long. Soon he was crated up and taken in so that he could receive the care he needed.



Bald Eagle immediately after he was rescued in Tampa.

Once he arrived to ‘our nest’ he was thoroughly assessed by our experienced and  federally permitted rehabber. His right wing appeared to be injured so  he was administered fluids and pain meds and given the opportunity to get some rest. The next morning he was taken in to Busch Gardens to visit a top notch team of veterinarians for x-rays and  diagnosis. Sure enough his right wing was damaged. He had a dislocated elbow and broken ulna. It is unclear as of yet whether or not he will be able to fly again but we are going to give him a chance. He will stay at their state of the art animal care center where he will continue to receive treatment including physical therapy and cold laser therapy to encourage healing. We will keep U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services posted on his progress and together we will decide the best course of action for him. If he is not able to be successful in the wild we work to find him a permanent home where he can stand up for his species and educate the public about wildlife.


Rescued Bald Eagle after he had been assessed and begun treatment.

If you happen to find any wildlife in trouble please make sure you report it to a licensed rescue organization like Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife. We also ask that you consider making a donation to Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife so that we may continue our work to conserve and protect wildlife in the Tampa Bay Area.

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