Barn Owl Release

A few months back our sister organization, Nature’s World Wildlife Rescue, in Homosassa, Florida took in a pair of barn owls. This actually presented a great opportunity to help conserve this uncommon species of owl. It was decided that the best thing would be for them to be transferred to a facility with experience in raising baby owls with the goal to release them into the wild.

As they started to prove themselves as ready for the wild we had to start researching the best location for their release. We had to considered not only what their ideal habitat would look like but also find an area in which they could fulfill their conservation mission in helping to continue their species’ wild population. We started by looking through data collected by citizen scientists to determine which areas had established sets of barn owls and used that information to narrow down our search. It was determined that they would be transferred to the Owl’s Nest facility so that they could be released in the Tampa area. We reached out to a family that had allowed us to release a number of animals on their private conservation land before and asked if they had any property that meet our habitat needs. Lucky for us, and the owls, they had the perfect piece of property for these birds to call home.

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Yesterday evening it was time. The weather had finally broke and was going to be nice long enough for the two to get established in their new home. We drove out to the property we had worked so hard to select which was just a few miles away from a known pair of barn owls and released the birds. This release was extra special to us as a team for another reason though as well. As we had mentioned we had worked with this particular family before on numerous releases. At these releases we formed a close bond with the family’s matriarch who sadly recently passed away. We decided that we would name the female owl after her and dedicate this release to her. So, not only were we able to help in the conservation of this species we were also able to present this family with a wonderful memorial to their mother.

We are so happy to have been able to participate in this conservation effort! We hope you enjoy being able to share this story with us as we would not be able to do what we do without your support. Your donations to Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife helps us to continue our work to conserve and protect wildlife in the Tampa Bay Area.

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2 thoughts on “Barn Owl Release

  1. Four beautiful owls were in my trees last night. They were actually close to my head. I was so surprised I thought they were large moss they turned out to be owls they were bouncing up and down ith their heads. Singing to us. And each other. Me and my son and my son’s friend who is like a daughter to me observed this. We feel very blessed.


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