You Otter Fall in Love With This Baby

Friday night we received a call from friend and fellow permitted rehabber Rick Foley with Rick’s Raptor Rescue in Riverview. He had picked up a baby otter that had been crying on the side of a busy street. While Rick does carry both a state and federal permit and legally could provide care for the sweet little girl he realized it was a little out of his wheelhouse so, he gave us a call. We brought her over to Owl’s Nest where are rehabber, Kris, had quite a bit of experience in raising baby otters. For now she will stay with us, but otters are very social animals and therefore we hope a buddy comes in for her shortly. If not we are already working on what her next step will be. In the meantime she will continue to thrive in her ‘nest’. We will keep you posted as her story develops!

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