An Exciting Easter Announcement

A message from our Director, Kris Porter;

Happy Easter from all of us to you and your family this beautiful day! No matter your religion or belief all of you that follow us, donate to us or even help believe in saving all of earths beautiful creatures Great and Small.

So many things to be thankful many ..too many people to name..but one blessing has recently happened that we would like to announce!

We have been granted..given LAND!!!

The best part is it is near me, untouched 60 acres with 15 acre lake that is side by side with also untouched Brooker Creek Preserve. It already was in the mix turning and marking it to be a nature Preserve. The board of Cantebury Village and the amazing Eagles have given me several acres to build whatever I want or need ..starting with Flight cages!

Now the fun begins..enjoy the proposal that was approved and we already have several large companies giving us large amounts of money and supplies! You also can help! Stay tuned for details!

Thanks you all for getting us this far, we already have helped over 350 animals this year! Whew!

Land Grant Proposal Eagles


Please remember, if you find any sick, injured, or suspected orphaned wildlife to contact us or another permitted rehabilitator a call. We also ask that you consider making a donation to Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife so that we may continue our work to conserve and protect wildlife in the Tampa Bay Area.

Make a Donation Button

And make sure to follow our blog to stay up to date on our cases! You can also now follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now Periscope (@OwlsNestRehab)! And subscribe to our new YouTube Channel.

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