Owl’s Nest is Taking Flight

Back in January we celebrated the completion of our first year. After we finished filing all of our annual paperwork we took some time to reflect on all we had accomplished and determine what our next step would be in order to better serve our mission. Reviewing our numbers we realized that roughly 20% (132 animals) rescues had to be transferred to cooperating facilities. While we work very well with these other organizations, it can be rather taxing on our volunteers and finances to travel back and forth. We analyzed those cases that had to be transferred and discovered that most of them had to be transferred to someplace that had habitats for flight conditioning.

This led us to decide that our next step needed to be building our own set of flight enclosures. We knew that the first major hurdle we were going to face was acquiring the property. Our team had started to search for grants that may help in this process however nothing seemed to fit our needs. Then in mid-February we were approached by a Board of Directors from a local neighborhood about presenting our need at their next meeting. On Thursday March 17th our founder and rehabber, Kris Porter, went in front of the board to present our proposal and design. Surprisingly that same night the Board voted and granted us the land we needed.

Now we face are next challenge, securing the funds to build the enclosures on our new land. This is where you can help! We are planning to use a variety of different ways to secure the funds including grants, fundraisers, and donor gifts. This means we need volunteers to help us in the process of finding and writing grants, organizing and hosting fundraisers (big and small), as well as the continued support if our donors. If you would like to assist in the grant or fundraising process please send us an email at OwlsNestSanctuaryforWildlife@gmail.com. We also ask that everyone share the GoFundMe Campaign where we will be tracking our progress and consider making a donation toward the cause.

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