Bucket List Birds

Amazing day earlier this week for Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife, we were super busy and of the many calls handled we had one “Bucket List” animal that we were able to rescue and release.

We received a call at about 9am, from a fisherman that he had found 2 Frigatebirds in Palm Harbor down on the ground. After responding and rescuing these amazing birds, they were transported to Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife, by one of our Volunteers, Kathi Harrison, where an initial assessment was performed. While remaining in contact throughout the day with the FWC Biologists, we were advised that these were young adult male’s, approximately 3yrs of age. After the assessment, we were in contact with Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and then transported them for an evaluation, by one of their amazing Veterinarians, Dr. Dominique, and Veterinary Tech’s Kourtney and Sarah. Dr. Dominique determined that there appeared to be nothing wrong with the pair, and that it was safe for release. Being that these birds do not last long in captivity, this was WONDERFUL news! So after being in contact with the FWC again, we determined to release these two beauties at Honeymoon Island State Park, in Dunedin, Florida. We then got a few more volunteers together for the release, and all headed to the location. Once we arrived we were greeted by a downpour, and after that, a swarm of mosquitoes! Attempts were made to place them high on the Mangroves, but to no avail…we then placed them in our hands and allowed them to attempt to gain flight, with success of the first one! The second one….well that was a different story!!! We attempted a few times, from just standing, and he just didn’t have the “ooomphhhh” that the first one did. So we improvised and placed the ladder in the water to give it a little more height, and it WORKED! Both of them were then off soaring high to live long happy lives! What a wonderful day it was yesterday, and great team work between Owl’s Nest, FWC, Busch Gardens, and all our Wonderful Volunteers!!! I am going to post photo’s to 2 separate albums for you all to enjoy, here is the first, which includes the Initial Assessment and Evaluation at Busch Gardens.

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