Adopt A Beautiful Bobcat

At the end of our second year we got to work personally and as a support team to save thousands of wild animals. While is it impossible for us to share every case we work on with you, there are some cases we cannot wait to share. We wish that we could find a way for you to experience first-hand just how amazing the animals we have the honor of working with are. Many of the animals we have helped have also helped us in opening new doors and fortifying our amazing network of organizations working to conserve wildlife.

One of the species that has surprisingly had the greatest impact on us as a team is the bobcat. We have had the privilege of working hands on with three bobcats in 2015 and 2016. Each of these three cats provided us with opportunities to forge strong bonds with a variety of conservation partners as we seek out the best resources to aide each of these cats along their journey to release. These cats were not the only ones who helped in supporting these relationships, you as fans also provide constant support that allow us to continue our work conserving wildlife.

While we will are not able to give you the opportunity to experience caring for wild cats yourself we have found a way to allow you to help care for them in a new way. We are thrilled to announce the “Bobcat Adoption Program”. In a supportive partnership with Big Purrs, The Louisiana Bobcat Refuge we are excited about this project. Now you too can be a bobcat parent.

bobcat-plushWhen you symbolically adopt one of our cats your are providing vital support to both Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife so that we can continue working to conserve wildlife.

For your $20.00 donation (plus $3.75 shipping), you will receive a Bobcat Plush, Adoption Certificate and a Bobcat Fact Sheet.

Please email us for details to adopt an Bobcat at


Meet the Cats:

Bobcat Release 8-10-16Kitchi– Kitchi meaning brave is the cat that started it all. He had been abandoned managed to find his way into the backyard of one of our fans. They gave Owl’s Nest a call and we sent someone right out to check on the kitten. While Kitchi looked incredibility cuddly he was encouragingly feisty but thin and severally dehydrated. Once we got him stabilized we realized that we did not have the resources to raise a bobcat kitten that would be a candidate for release. After doing some research we decided to reach out to Big Purrs. They were the perfect organization to team with and would be able to provide Kitchi everything he needed to grow into a big beautiful boy AND make sure he made it back to be released in his home town. Working with both state wildlife commissions we were able to for the first time ever transport an animal across state lines for rehabilitation. Roughly a year later Kitchi road tripped back across the states to be released in a beautiful conservation park. Rangers that work at the park still report to see signs of a healthy cat living in the area.

5P3A1638-1Lazarus– Lazarus was the second bobcat that came into Owl’s Nest. Lazarus was called into us through local law enforcement after he had been struck by a car on a five line highway. Multiple callers reported that the cat was on the verge of death and upon arriving on the scene we weren’t sure there was much we were going to be able to do to save him. We quickly removed him from the roadway and took him into our nearest cooperating vet. There he was sedated so that he could be better assessed and his injuries appeared to be treatable. He returned to the rehab where he was stabilized before making the trip to Busch Gardens for surgery to repair his broken leg. He received continued care and physically therapy until he was ready for release. When he was ready to be returned to the wild he was released a few miles away from where his accident had occurred in the safety of a nature preserve

15626330_10211030043324039_6874238578503283741_oAdanedi- Adanedi meaning gift is the latest bobcat to need our help. She came to us after being hit by a motorcycle late one night in December. Ada stayed with our team for observation and stabilization before heading to see the veterinary staff at Busch Gardens Tampa for surgery to repair her broken humorous. Busch Gardens agreed to manage her post operation care and pain management like they had with Lazarus. Over the next few weeks she will undergo physical therapy as she heals and get some much needed rest so she can recover from her other bumps and bruises as well.



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