Project Taking Flight Update

Almost a year ago we announced that we were offered a piece of property to built a rehabilitation flight facility. We knew as we started this project we would be faced with many challenges. The first major hurdle was the location of the land that was donated. This piece of property required that we build a bridge over a lake in order to access it. Building the bridge was going to be an incredibly expensive endeavor and that was only one of many concerns we had with the land. Thankfully when we made the initial announcement a long time friends of the Porter family and local business owners, Glenn and Anne Winograd of West Coast Morgans, came to us and offered a back up property. After careful consideration and weighing our options we decided to accept the offer to move the project to this new property at West Coast Morgans. Even without a bridge this property too came with some natural hurdles. Now several months later we are ready to begin breaking ground. We are beyond thrilled to be starting a beautiful partnership but still have a lot of work ahead of us in getting this project complete.

Our next step is to literally break ground! In order to make space for our flight conditioning habitats we need to move a fence and irrigation system for one of the current horse rings. The maintenance team has provided us with a list of required supplies and agreed to let us donate some sweat and muscle to reduce the labor cost. Our team will need to dig trenches in order to reroute the current system. In the meantime we will work with an architect and U.S. Fish and Game to finalize the structure designs and continue to fundraise. Later this week we will be posting even more information about what is to come in 2017 for Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife as well as our full wish list. Our estimated cost for this project is roughly $145,000. We have been fortunate to receive gifts and grants from a few of our current conservation partners (SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, Denver Aquarium, and Blue Pearl Veterinary Services) to get this project started but we are still $136,400 shy of what we need to Take Flight. We ask that you consider making a personal donation or becoming a corporate sponsor in order to help us continue saving wild lives.

You can follow our progress throughout this project including our fundraising goal on the Taking Flight GoFundMe Page at



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