Peregrine Falcon Release

Once on the brink of extinction, peregrine falcons are an amazing species with awesome adaptations that help them survive. This species would not have made a comeback and been removed from the endangered species list if it weren’t for human intervention and laws being put in place to protect them. Even with their numbers on the rise it’s not to say they do not still need our protection. Back in October during the species annual migration a young peregrine happened to break his leg in need help. Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife was able to step up and assist this falcon in receiving the care he needed. After being stabilized he made a visit to the Wildlife Docs at Busch Gardens were it was confirmed that he had a broken leg and would need surgery. Busch Gardens’ veterinary staff generously covered the cost of the surgery and agreed to provide the falcon therapeutic care immediately following the surgery. Once his leg was healed the falcon needed time to recondition and practice his survival skills before being rereleased. After spending several weeks with a licensed falconer at Rick’s Raptor Rescue and several weeks in a free flight cage with Nature’s World Wildlife Rehabilitation in Homosassa he received the final all clear to rejoin his migration as they head back north.

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