Juvenile Bald Eagle Release

Two weeks ago we received a call from Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) regarding a juvenile bald eagle at a landfill in Sumter County. While this is further then we generally cover this was a special case. FWC had two officers who had already spent an entire day attempting to get their hands on the eagle and it appeared to have a broken wing. The longer this eagle was on the ground the more critical it would become so we agreed to take the case. We dispatched a team of volunteers who made the hour and a half journey to the landfill. Shortly after arriving our volunteers were able to locate and capture the eagle.
First impressions were not great, the eagle was saturated in some sort of mystery substance. This oily greasy substance was actually what had caused the eagle to become grounded. That night he came in to Owl’s Nest’s care where he received multiple Dawn Dish Soap baths to begin removing the substance. The next day he went into Busch Gardens Tampa to see the Wildlife Docs who were able to continue the bathing procedure over the next few days until she was clean and ready for conditioning.
After her feathers were free of funk she was sent to Nature’s World Wildlife Rehabilitation in Homosassa since there are currently no flight conditioning habitats here in the area. Now two weeks later this eagle was ready to soar.
It was agreed that it was unsafe to release the eagle back near the landfill because she would quickly find herself back in harms way. After careful consideration it was decided that we knew the perfect location for her to call home and it happened to be where we will be calling home with our flight conditioning cages that are in the works.
Several months back the Winograd family graciously donated a piece of land to Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife so that we may build a local set of conditioning cages for our wildlife cases. This piece of property happens to be attached to their world class horse training facility, West Coast Morgans, where they work hard everyday to educate others about all forms of equestrian activities.
Tuesday the eagle made the trip back to Tampa where she was released and is now flying safe and free over the property we will too soon call home.


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