DiamondBack Terrapins have a new home at the Upper Tampa Bay Park.


We are pleased to announce a huge addition to Owls Nest, one that we have been working with people for months.

Upper Tampa bay and The Parks Dept for Hillsborough had a private donor, Jack Berlin come forward with a donation of $25.000, to build a ‘Head Start’ display for the threatened DIAMONDBACK TERRAPIN. They have been working on this incredible display for over a year, it will have a few permanent residents, several from private collections, but will have room for rehab ones…that is where we come in.

The Parks Dept and FWC approached Owl’s Nest to be part of this amazing partnership!
Owls Nest will be the go to for rehab calls coming onto the display, park and FWC.

Of course, on board right behind us, the amazing Busch Gardens Vet staff, cause only the best for this incredible one of a kind Display!

Recently we had the joy of raising 3 hatchlings that a pool cleaner found and did the right thing! Called Us!

We raised the cuties for 3 months to get size on them, fell in love and then placed them in the FWC program at Upper Tampa till they got bigger…in turn releasing 2 of their bigger ones! The diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin) or simply terrapin, is a species of turtle native to the brackish coastal tidal marshes of the eastern and southern United States, And they are the only one.
The unveiling is this morning, Friday July 20th, at Upper Tampa Bay, we are so incredibly proud! Join us at 10 am at Upper Tampa bay Nature center along with press, county commissioners and parks dept we are unveiling the display. Kris Porter, Director of Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife will also be speaking.

Wish us luck!

Upper Tampa Bay Park

8001 Double Branch Road
Tampa, FL 33635

HOURS 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
CONTACT (813) 855-1765
ENTRANCE FEE $2 per vehicle. Up to 8 people per vehicle. Rentals are extra.

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