Kris Porter, Licensed Rehabilitator

Barred Owl Release

My love for wildlife is reflected in the passion in which I started Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife, but that is not where it began. Growing up in Pennsylvania, animals were always a part of my life. My grandfather and father instilled the love for all animals as a young girl and my mother, while supporting my enthusiasm, tried to keep me from bringing them all home. I knew then I wanted a career working with animals.

Moving to the Sunshine State to attend the University of Florida, I found my first love: whales and dolphins. This lead me to major in marine mammals and after graduating in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in Zoology, I had my chance. A job interview with Sea World in San Diego, California, but something inside kept me from going. I had found my second true love, my now husband.

That did not end my story as I took a position with Busch Gardens, Tampa, as Lead Zoologist where I worked with over 350 different species, everything from birds to panda bears. I started in Zoo Education and ending up as Senior Zoo Keeper in the Animal Nursery. After eleven wonderful years I found out my adventures were just beginning as I was pregnant with my first daughter. A high risk pregnancy changed my life path when a little 4lb baby came four weeks early…my daughter Rachel. I decided it was time to resign and care for a family of my own.

Twelve years had passed, and I was contacted by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission about an opportunity to once again work with animals by becoming a rescue and rehab specialist, so the rehabilitation began. I eased back into animal rehab by raising squirrels and rabbits. Within four months I had my licensure in place and it progressed very quickly from there. Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife opened three and a half years ago and devoting a large number of hours to such an incredible cause has literally changed my life. Sharing this experience with my children has also enhanced their lives for the best. Not only do they get to see firsthand their mother doing what she was born to do, it allows them to watch the wonders of nature up close and personal.29683737_10155141325202121_3109106565168291633_n

The need I have learned is great and I have constantly been busy with so many incredible success stories, many of them made possible by the wonderful team at the Wildlife Docs right here at Busch Gardens. Most of the animals I have dealt with has been accidents due to domestic pet attacks, collisions on highways and impact with cars, mothers orphaning their babies, poisoning, fishing hooks and line and the list goes on. Working with several other vets that also do Pro Bono work for us, I am pleased to put in the time, effort and yes, the money it takes to get an animal back to freedom of nature. So many have contributed over the past years to help for which I am truly thankful, for in my eyes every one of them is God’s creatures and deserves a chance.

I have been blessed to be able to work with animals for almost 40 years now, in one way or another. Not many of us get to live out our life-long dreams, but rehabilitation has proven to be a team effort and we are over 120 strong. Owl’s Nest works quickly to respond to requests from Florida Fish and Wildlife as well as receiving 20-80 calls daily from the community. Sadly, a lot of animals must have just died before I started Owl’s Nest with a few close fellow animal lovers. Collaboration has been key and connecting with other groups to get animals rehabbed and released the ultimate reward.

That being said, I work also for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission completely free as a registered 501c3 non-profit organization where each animal is raised with the love, compassion and skill that I have acquired over the years. Thank you for considering a donation and the time you took to check out my site!


Owl’s Nest is staffed 100% by volunteers and funded 100% by donation. All funds go directly to enable us to recuse, rehabilitate, raise and release the animals in our care. Please visit our “How to Help” sub-pages to find ways you can help us help our Florida native wildlife.


Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife is a state and federally permitted non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility based in the Tampa Bay area and serves Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas counties and assist in neighboring counties. We are dedicated to the rescue of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife so that they may be rehabilitated and (when possible) released back to the wild.

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6 thoughts on “Kris Porter, Licensed Rehabilitator

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  2. Hello,

    I left a voice email. I work at Springhill Suites Tampa Brandon and we have an injured Raccoon lingering around our property. I’m afraid that our GM may call animal control if he or she continues to spook our guests. The Raccoon is very sweet and responds well to humans to a fault. If there’s anyone that I can go to for a non-fatal option quickly, I would be forever grateful.

    Thank you,


  3. Hi Kris,
    Joe and I (Jean) are very saddened by your Mom’s passing. We have been good friends of your Mom and Dad at Dataw over the years and have missed them much since they have moved. Thankfully, your Dad is settled in a fine place.
    We are happy to make a donation to your project in memory of your Mom.
    God bless you and your whole family during this difficult time.


  4. I found a newborn baby that the mom has lived all the other siblings. What can i do for it? The eyes aren’t even open yet.


  5. Left a voicemail and text. I have a sea bird which was hit by a car but is still alive. I think it has a broken leg. Please respond. Thanks, John


  6. Help!! I have found a duck the seems to have a hurt leg. It is on Ashley Drive and Brorein. between the the Salmon West Parking Lot and the Joseph Frye Park. I am a tourist with no way to take it anywhere. I have given it water and it was clearly very dehydrated. Can someone please help? My number is 3185215093.


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