Owl’s Nest own version of Gilligan’s Island and it’s cast of orphan baby otter pups has come to a final episode.


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Owl’s Nest own version of Gilligan’s Island and it’s cast of orphan baby otter pups has come to a final episode as the pups were all successfully released. The pups Gilligan and the Skipper along with Ginger and Lovie were all checked out by Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, The Wildlife Docs and given a clean bill of health. While Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife may not be an uncharted desert isle, these little orphaned pups were marooned with us for a couple months. 

first meal

Eyes still closed getting it’s first meal

2019 03 10 MaryAnn


Thanks to your continued support and donations we were able to feed this hungry group who started on formula three times a day and quickly advanced to prescription Science Diet A/D supplemented with small fish. The otters were then weaned and moved to their outdoor enclosure where they dined on live fish, and lots of them. We appreciated all the donations and encourage you to continue to check out our wish list. Even some of the smallest items make a big difference.

2019 03 11 Skipper and Gilligan

Gilligan and The Skipper lapping formula

2019 03 11 Ginger and Gilligan play time

Gilligan and Ginger playtime

Thanks to the continued support of  Seaworld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund we have one of the largest otter rehabilitation enclosures in Central Florida. With a generous donation in December of 2018 we were able to do some updates to the outdoor enclosure including a larger pond with a waterfall and upgrade our state of the art filtration system. Here the otter pups can swim and learn to catch live fish, a skill they must master before considered releasable.



Since otter pups stay with us longer then most species we care for, we have decided to give them their very own section of the website. In this section you will be able to read about North American River Otters, follow the link to watch the Live Otter Cam next season 2020 and view their YouTube videos. You can also find ways to be involved in providing the care they need to be released as healthy happy self sufficient otters.


2019 03 11 formula mustache

2019 03 11 donation face

The pups, now young otters, were released June 1st, 2019, in beautiful Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park in a remote area far from the visitor trails but you never know…. hiking or kayaking the water ways there, you may see North American Rivers otters and chances are they good, they could be Owl’s Nest releases.

RElease a

Watch the Otter Baby Book and Release on Facebook by following this link

Otter Release

RElease d

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