This year has been otterly crazy! In 2016 we provided care for a total of 6 otters and the most we had at one time was 3. Currently, between our partners at Nature’s World and us we have 10 in our care. Since we were not set up to provide care for 10 at a time we had to come up with a plan quickly. Nature’s World could take four in their enclosure but we had to accommodate 6 more. Thanks to your support we were able to raise enough funds to build an enclosure in just one week. Now our 6 otters are weaned and in their enclosure learning the skills they will need to survive and be independent in a few more months. Since they will be with us a little longer then most cases we have decided to give them their very own section of the website. In this section you will be able to read the ‘Otters’ Blog’, watch the live otter cam, view their YouTube videos, and find ways to help provide support for their care.