Thank you Kris for your after hour operation. It is sad to know that the hawk I brought to you the other night didn’t make it, yet I am happy to know that the owl I met is going to recover. You and your organization is amazing and I am looking forward to seeing you soon again!
-Anne P.

Finding you guys was a great help. I found 2 baby birds that possibly were kicked out of their nest. I didn’t know what to do, as an animal lover I don’t know how to properly take care of those things. I reached out to Kris which immediately took care of the situation. She was great, told what to do and pick them up the very next morning. Unfortunately the smallest of the 2 babies Willow (that’s how I named it) didn’t survive. But Woody the biggest one is under her care, getting better each day. That makes me happy. Thank you guys for all you do for the wild life. 😀
-Monica A.

With in an hour of me calling early in the morning, Kris and Ria had coordinated to help hand-off a sick and weak screech owl I found by my door. Really wonderful and helpful people who truly care. Thank you so much for your fast response and help this morning. I hope he feels better soon.
-Kristen B.

I found a wounded seagull outside of work and knew I needed to help but.. how? I want to thank you so much for your support today. It took quite a lot of calls and googling around to find you and I’m grateful. You sent me in the right direction and he will now get the care he needs 🙂
-Margaret L.