If you are interested in volunteering please fill out our volunteer application and someone from our team will contact you shortly about our current opportunities.

Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife is 100% volunteer run and we are always in need of more help. We have opportunities available for a wide variety of skills. Currently our greatest needs are for

  • Transporters– These people are literally the life line for the animals in need. As a transporter you will assist in the pick up and transportation of wildlife. In our critical cases time is of the essences and having several transporters in each area allow us to get animals the life saving help they need. As a transporter you pick when you are available and where you can service.
  • Fundraising– As a 501.3c we do not receive funding from any government agency. Our fundraisers are vital in helping to organize and/or execute fundraising events. These event along with other donations are vital in helping us to afford to continue saving lives.

Other opportunities include:

  • Mammal Fostering- Assisting in the raising of baby mammals as allowed by state laws.
  • Blog Writing- Write articles for our blog about cases, native species pf wildlife or upcoming events.
  • Educational and Outreach Events- Assist in staffing various educational and or community events.

If you are interested in volunteering but can’t commit today, you can still help by considering making a donation. 100% of all donations goes directly to the care and rehabilitation of the animals in need as they make their way to being released back to the wild.




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10 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. Hi there!! Looking at your website I’m so happy to see how well you take care of animals in need. I would love to come and volunteer at your sanctuary for a few hours for a few days. I was also wondering if it would be possible to have my kids 11 and 7 come and volunteer as well. I saw your hourly timetable but I wanted to see if you were allow children too. Thank you so much for all that you do


  2. Good day wildlife lovers,

    Someone on Facebook shared a post from your organization requesting knitted or crocheted owls nests. I would love to provide you as many as you need/want from a single source. I look forward to your response and to contribute to such a worthy cause.

    Best regards
    Karen Jocius


  3. I’ve submitted two volunteer applications. I would be honored to be able to work with you. The work you do is amazing and as a wild life advocate I can’t thank you enough for everything you do!


  4. I met Kris at the Busch Garden Vet Clinic last week. I am interested in becoming a volunteer. We travel, but when we are in town, I would love to be involved with this organiztion. We live in Valrico. How can I get the volunteer application?


  5. I am retired and would love to help out as a transporter and what ever else is needed. I live in Holiday,Fl. I am available most anytime! Is there a program that I can take to help me learn about transporting and helping animals in need!

    Thank you,



    I’m a retired Pinellas County high school teacher and would be glad to help with transporting critters. Heather, who just rescued the bird from our garage, said that mid-week, during-the-day help is needed. I can supply that except on Monday’s and Wednesday’s before noon.

    You have my cell and home phone numbers from our communications this morning.

    (We also made a donation in gratitude for the excellent, responsive, dedicated work y’all do!)

    Ruth Barrens


    • Max, our most recent blog post has information about our up coming information session. Hope to see you there!


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