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Want your donation to go to helping us raise the otter kits and prepare them to be released to be wild and free. Here are three ways you can help be a part of their success story and help all of our rescues as well.

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Purchasing supplies that will go directly to the otters by using their Amazon Gift List.  While your at Amazon, register for Amazon Smile and select us as your charity, it’s free. You shop and Amazon donates to us each time you make a purchase.


Give to the Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife GoFund Me or PayPal

Adopt an Otter Kit

Otter Adoption Kit

You can symbolically adopt one of our river otter pups and providing vital support to Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife so that we can continue working to conserve all of our Florida native wildlife by following this link to the adoption page.

As we are nearing the middle of our fifth year we have gotten to save thousands of wild animals. While is it impossible for us to share every case we work on with you there are some cases we cannot wait to share. We wish that we could find a way for you to experience first-hand just how amazing the animals we have the honor of working with are. Many of the animals we have helped have also helped us in opening new doors and fortifying our amazing network of organizations working to conserve wildlife.

CMA Abe Video

North American Otter Kit, Abe at his initial assessment by Clearwater Marine Aquarium

One of the species that has gotten a lot of notoriety is the North American River Otter kits. Over the past three years we have had the privilege of working hands on with several kits. One such kit, Olive”r”, provided us with the opportunity to partner with Denver Marine Aquarium to give Olive a forever home. This year, another such partnership bond with Clearwater Marine Aquarium who brought us Abe, a celebrity himself after being rescued from a commercial location where he was found alone alongside a wall that separated a business property from the street. Our conservation partners are not the only ones who helped in supporting these cases, you as fans also provide constant support that allow us to continue our work conserving wildlife.

received_10215724711887819Starting out on formula three times a day and quickly advanced to prescription Science Diet A/D supplemented with small fish. Our otters are now weaned and in their outdoor enclosure with a den and pond stocked with live fish. Learning the skills they will need to survive and be independent in the wild include catching live fish and lots of them. Caring for these young otter kits has been an exciting experience and being able to watching them via the Live Otter Cam, playing, swimming, catching and eating fish has been a real treat made possible by our followers donations. We appreciate your continued support.



Be sure to watch the Live Otter Cam 2020 and follow us through our newsletter, blog and social media sites so that you can watch your impact as you are helping to save wild lives!!!


Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife is a state and federally permitted, 501c3 non-profit native wildlife rehabilitation facility based in the Tampa Bay area and serves Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas counties and assist in neighboring counties. We are dedicated to the rescue of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife so that they may be rehabilitated and (when possible) released back to the wild.


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